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Frequently asked questions

We try to answer all questions & comments about our speech app made via the form as soon as possible and add it to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page so we can share experiences & questions with other Users.
  • Sclera Symbols ElineSpeaks 1.4 uses embedded Sclera symbols. Unfortunately, after 10 years of intensive volunteer work, the Sclera symbol library has been paused for family reasons....

  • Before you can start it is necessary to download the app in the App Store. Search for ' ElineSpeaks ' and you'll see the app at the top....

  • Is This the first time you used the app? Open the App & click ' Create Account ' Fill in your details & click on ' Create Account ' Choose language > ' Choose Voice ' > ' Choose Level ' > and you can use the app....

  • Discover ElineSpreaks Free Try 30 days free You can cancel at any time...

  • The Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app consists of an administrator and user mode. Changes can be made in the administrator mode. To enter the administrator mode, press the lock on the top right and answer the question....

  • You can choose from the following key types Category page Text To Speech Image to Speech Audio recording Video recording...

  • Download voices Go to your iPad ' settings ' > ' general > ' accessibility > ' VoiceOver > ' speech. Tap add language. Tap the desired language and dialect & download voices. Set up voices Go to the App ' Settings > ' ' Voice > ' ' Voi...

  • What is Guided Access? Guided Access means that you can disable the iPad's home button to restrict access to a single app. You can also disable a portion of the touch screen. There are many conceivable situations in which it is undesirab...

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